Organizing Corporate Entertainment has got to be one of the hardest fields in the world. You not only have the pressures that come with organizing any other large event, but you have the unenviable task of having to engage and entertain what can be a very diverse group of people.

You are expected to provide acts that are fresh, in line with the latest entertainment trends and won’t have people dozing or looking for the exits.

When you add to this to the fact, that every corporation has its own internal culture, you have a field where you must be part psychologist, part fashion guru, part Broadway producer, part baby sitter and part account manager.

It is truly a difficult field to master.

Drawing from Other Media

Of course, one of the standard ways to stay on top of the “latest and greatest” entertainment trends is to watch social media and see what is hot. Prime examples of acts that have found great success, in corporate entertainment, is the plethora of sand painting and electric light dance troupes currently making the rounds.

To gauge how popular they have become just check the YouTube trends and see how often these types of videos are being searched for. Find a winner there and you will have a winner, for the hip crowd, at your next event.

Something else you may want to pay attention to though, is what types of acts are always in demand, because of their universal appeal.

Magic Sets the Standard

Of the “tried and true” types of entertainment, magic acts are the gold standard. Just consider these few facts:

  • Three of the top ten hottest tickets, in Las Vegas, are magic acts
  • Magicians do consistently well on reality television show like “Americas Got Talent”
  • Two of the most popular late night syndicated TV shows are magicians; one American, one British
  • Television specials featuring magic always produces high ratings

Advantages that Mike Toy Can Bring to Your Corporate Event

Mike Toy can bring several advantages, beyond his obvious popularity in San Francisco, to your next corporate event:

  • He can call out and feature company VIPs in his act
  • Engage the audience on a personal level
  • Customized show to deliver desired messages
  • Provide comic relief as well as wow factor
  • His show is appropriate, if need be, for all ages.

People Want To Believe in Magic

Excuse the pun, but there is a certain type of magic in watching a magician’s performance – especially Mike’s.. Whether you are a cynic trying to catch a mistake or a child watching in amazement, there is something inside of everyone that wants to believe that magic exists. Magicians like Mike Toy can bring that magic to your next corporate event.

Whether you plan corporate events or have just been tasked with finding the entertainment for your next company event, be sure to include a professional magician on the playbill.

No one else, but a magician, can deliver the versatility and pure fun to engage everyone from the stuffed shirt accountant to the office goofball in equal measure – And if you need a magician for your event, click here to get in touch with Mike.